A Letter From President Bush

                           THE WHITE HOUSE
                            June 11, 1992
            Dear Mr. Baki:
            I was delighted to learn of your outstanding work  
            in behalf of your community.  Your generosity and
            willingness to serve others merit the highest praise,
            and I am pleased to recognize you as the 797th "Daily
            Point of Light."                             
            Since taking office as President, I have urged all
            Americans to make community service central to their
            lives and work.  Judging by your active engagement in
            helping others, it is clear that you understand this
            We must not allow ourselves to be measured by the sum
            of our possessions or the size of our bank accounts.
            The true measure of any individual is found in the way
            he or she treats others - and the person who regards
            others with love, respect, and charity holds a price-
            less treasure in his heart.  With that in mind, I have
            often noted that, from now on in America, any definition
            of a successful life must include serving others.  Your
            efforts provide a shining example of this standard.
            Barbara joins me in congratulating you and in sending
            you our warm best wishes for the future.  May God bless
            you always.
                                George Bush

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