Multiple-Choice Questions

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1. Angela Payne wants to buy a stereo for $150. If she saves $0.01 on day one, $0.02 on day two, $0.04 on day three, $0.08 on day four, and so on, at the end of which day will she have at leats the $150 needed to buy the stereo?
   a) Day 10
   b) Day 13
   c) Day 14
   d) Day 15

2. Angel Payne had 8 coins - consisting of nickels, dimes, and quarters - that totaled $1.00. How many of the eight coins had to be dimes?
   a) 4 Coins
   b) 5 Coins
   c) 6 Coins
   d) 7 Coins

3. Chelsey Payne is looking for an apartment to rent. She wants to keep her monthly rent at or under 25% of her monthly salary. If Chelsey makes $1,800 a month, what is the maxium rent she can afford per month?
   a) 250
   b) 900
   c) 450
   d) 540

4. Mr. Payne's boat has a weight limit of 415 ponds. Mr. Payne weighs 170 lbs., Linda weighs 133 lbs., Angela weighs 113, and Nicole and Chelsey together weigh 128 lbs. Who stayed at the dock if the heaviest possible crew (without exceeding the weight limit) went for a ride?
   a) Linda
   b) Mr. Payne
   c) Angela
   d) Nicole and Chelsey

5. Angela spent half of her money on a new skirt. She then spent half of the remaining amount on a new blouse and bought lunch for $3.00. If she had $9.00 left at the end of the day, how much money did she have to begin with?
   a) $13
   b) $27
   c) $36
   d) $48

6. Chris and Angela want to throw a barbecue. Chris needs 60 hot dogs. They come in packages of 8 for $2.40 or in packages of 6 for $2.10. To spend the least amount of money and get at least 60 hot dogs, he should buy
   a) 5 packages of 8 and 3 packages of 6
   b) 6 packages of 8 and 2 packages of 6
   c) 8 packages of 8
   d) 10 packages of 6

7. Larry and Nicole both sell cars for Mighty Moe Auto Sales. Since they each helped in the sale of an $8,500 car, they agreed to evenly split the 10% commission. how mush did each person receive?
   a) $42.50
   b) $85.00
   c) $425.00
   d) $850.00

8. The Prebilich family (Chris, wife Angela, son Darren, and daughter Sarah) is planning to go to a San Francisco 49ers football game. The family has agreed to spend no more than $130. Tickets cost $15 per person. There is a $5 parking charge at the stadium. Each of the children will be given $10 to spend for souvenirs. How much will be left per person to spend on concessions (food, drink, etc.)?
   a) $11.25
   b) $23.50
   c) $6.25
   d) $15.50

9. Angela had $5,500 in her savings account. Over the last year, she received $330 in interest. Find the percent interest Angela received last year.
   a) .06%
   b) 6%
   c) 17%
   d) 33%

10. If it takes 2 dogs 2 minutes to eat 4 bones, how long will it take 4 dogs to eat 24 bones?
   a) 12 minutes
   b) 8 minutes
   c) 6 minutes
   d) 4 minutes

11. Last year a riding lawn mower cost $900. This year, the same model lawn mower costs $954. Use this inormation to find the percent of increase over the past year.
   a) 4%
   b) 6%
   c) 60%
   d) 30%

12. Chris is planning to go to the Senior Prom with Angel. He needs a tux for it and noticed this ad:
TUX 1/3 off
Regular Price $189
How much would Chris save on one Tux?
   a) $62.37
   b) $63.00
   c) $126.00
   d) $126.63

13. Angela went to a dinner and a movie. She spent $10 on dinner and $5 on a movie ticket. She then spent one half of her remaining money on refreshments. If she came home with $4, how much money did she have at the beginning of the evening?
   a) $17
   b) $19
   c) $23
   d) $34

14. After a big victory, 11 football players shook each others' hands. If each of the 11 players shook the hand of every teammate one time, how many handshakes would there be?
   a) 11 handshakes
   b) 55 handshakes
   c) 110 handshakes
   d) 121 handshakes

15. Angela needs one pen. Jetstream pens sell for 3 for $1.40. Superstrike pens sell for $0.40 each. How much will she save by buying a Superstrike pen?
   a) $0.07
   b) $0.70
   c) $0.66
   d) $0.06

16. Chris borrowed $7,500 from his parents for his wedding with Angela. He agreed that he would repay the money at the end of 4 years at 8% simple interest. What is the total amount that Chris must pay at the end of 4 years?
   a) $600
   b) $2,400
   c) $8,100
   d) $9,900

17. Chris, Angela, Barbara, and Kyle took a test. Their scores, not necessarily in order, were A, B, C, and D. Use the folling clues to determine who received the C.

Kyle made a better grade than Barbara, but did not have the best grade. Chris scored better than Kyle, but not as well as Angela.
   a) Kyle
   b) Chris
   c) Angela
   d) Barbara

18. Which purchase is the most economical per ounce?
   a) 8 oz. for $0.96
   b) 12 oz. for $1.20
   c) 16 oz. for $1.44
   d) 32 oz. for $2.56

19. Chris was a waiter at a restaurant where the waiters pooled their tips. He was allowed to keep 25% of the total tip money. The nightly totals one week were $20, $45, $35, and $50. How much of the tip money did Chris receive?
   a) $40.50
   b) $25.00
   c) $50.00
   d) $37.50

20. Angela bought a camera for her husband. The camera cost $109. Find the total cost of the camera including 7% sales tax.
   a) $0.76
   b) $7.63
   c) $109.76
   d) $116.63

21. Chris wants to buy a $9,00 car. If the sales tax rate is 7% in his hometown and 6% in a neighboring town, how much more will it cost to buy the car where he lives?
   a) $90
   b) $540
   c) $630
   d) $900

22. A television was on sale for 20% off the regularprice of $650. For today only, the TV is discounted an additional 10% off the regular price. What would be the price of the TV if you bought it today?
   a) $130
   b) $190
   c) $455
   d) $195

23. Chris bought a shirt for $28, a tie for $14.50, and a pair of slacks for $32.50. The sales tax rate was 7%. Find the amount of sales tax Chris paid all together.
   a) $3.31
   b) $5.25
   c) $75.00
   d) $80.25

24. Chris and Angela Prebilich are planning to go on a cruise for their honeymoon next year. The cruies currently costs $1,750 per person. If the inflation rate is 4%, what can each expect to pay next year for the same cruise?
   a) $1,680
   b) $1,820
   c) $2,450
   d) $3,640

25. Chris sells encyclopedias. He receives $80 commission on a set that he sells for $400. What percent commission does he receive?
   a) 20%
   b) 40%
   c) 30%
   d) 50%

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