Multiple-Choice Questions

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1. Money
   a) dough
   b) sour grapes
   c) cheese

2. An enemy
   a) a snake in the grass
   b) a wolf in sheep s clothing
   c) a pigeon

3. Something extra
   a) one s bread and butter
   b) the frosting on the cake
   c) a good egg

4. Someone is over confident
   a) he is on the gravy train
   b) do not count your chickens before they hatch
   c) he cooked his own goose

5. Someone ate too much
   a) she ate like a bird
   b) she ate humble pie
   c) she made a pig of herself

6. To give a false alarm
   a) to rain cats and dogs
   b) to cry wolf
   c) to pig out

7. Who is a bad actor ?
   a) a chowderhead
   b) a ham
   c) a baker s dozen

8. This was a long test.   
   a) It was a dark horse.
   b) It was a marathon.
   c) It was a rain check.

9. Shrewd bargaining
   a) a wild goose chase
   b) horse trading
   c) crocodile tears

10. High society    
   a) sugar   
   b) apple polishing
   c) upper crust

11. Something that's not important
   a) sour grapes
   b) small potatoes
   c) nuts

12. He told a secret.
   a) He burned out.
   b) He had crust.
   c) He spilled the beans.

13. A little money
   a) gravy
   b) chicken feed
   c) crust

14. A profit
   a) the upper crust.
   b) a hot potato
   c) gravy

15. Nothing
   a) a goose egg
   b) the frosting on the cake
   c) nuts

16. Your little brother keeps playing with your computer.
   a) Don t monkey with that.
   b) Don t play chicken
   c) You can t teach an old dog new tricks.

17. A company put garbage in a river. Mrs. Grant told the goverrnment about it.
   a) She ran interference for the company.
   b) She blew the whistle on the company.
   c) She called the signals for the company

18. Worthless
   a) for the birds
   b) straight from the horse s mouth
   c) till the cow s come home

19. Thirteen
   a) duck soup
   b) the salt of the earth
   c) a baker s dozen

20. She was very careful
   a) She took the cake.
   b) She walked on eggs.
   c) She ate humble pie.

21. You don't like something.
   a) It is not my cup of tea.
   b) It is the greatest thing sense sliced bread.
   c) It is duck soup.

22. Who is sensitive?
   a) the one who is crusty
   b) the one who is a tough cookie
   c) the one who is thin-skinned

23. Mr. Burns said some thing that wasn't fair.
   a) He gave a rain check
   b) He hit below the belt
   c) He played by the rules

24. Marilyn is a beginner.
   a) She makes the calls.
   b) She is a rookie.
   c) She is probably in teh starting line up.

25. Marilyn won the election, but several other candidates received almost as many votes as she did.
   a) She won by a mile
   b) She had two strikes against her
   c) She won by a nose.

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