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Life Skills Index Tutorial

LSK-010 Banking Personal Financing
LSK-020 Car, Buying a car
LSK-025 Car, Owning a car
LSK-026 Car, Renting a car
LSK-030 Credit Card
LSK-040 Crime and Consequences
LSK-050 Citizenship
LSK-060 Drugs
LSK-070 House, Buying a house
LSK-075 House, Renting a place to live
LSK-080 Insurance, Health/Life
LSK-090 Job, Finding a job; Interview; Holding a job
LSK-100 Library, Information sources
LSK-125 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias; Internet search
LSK-150 Maps, How to read maps
LSK-200 Marriages, Teen Pregnancy; Childcare
LSK-300 Measurement, English and metric
LSK-400 Money, Income and Expenses
LSK-500 Newspaper, How to read a newspaper
LSK-600 Nutrition
LSK-700 Pollution
LSK-800 Speaking to the public
LSK-900 Taxes